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I’m On My Way!

Today I decided it was time to start this blogging lark. Not only that, I submitted my manuscript to the New Writer’s Scheme. After much procrastination, self-doubt … in great dollops … and much editing, I finally finished my first novel, and it is now awaiting a critique.

Next, is my foray into self-publishing. Over the past year, I’ve followed many great indie authors and picked up lots of pointers on how to get going. So, this blog will follow my journey – from finishing my first novel to publication.

Okay, I know. I might be getting ahead of myself! I haven’t forgotten the editing, proofreading, cover design – to name just a few of the steps I still need to complete before I publish. But this self-publication process … well, it’s a minefield. And I want to be prepared.

Let’s just hope my NWS reader doesn’t think my submission is a load of junk. See, there’s that cruel self-doubt again.

On the plus side, the sun is shining here in Tuscany.

Keep in touch,

Susie x

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