I’m On A Roll!

Just dropping in to say my manuscript has had a positive NWS report! Plus, I’ve had a fantastic response from my beta readers. So, I’m a happy bunny. There’s still a lot of work to do. However, after a lovely mini-break with my gorgeous hubster, I’m back home and raring to go. And talking ofContinue reading “I’m On A Roll!”

Don’t you just love coincidence?

Or would you call it serendipity? Fortuity? Whichever term you prefer, I’m grateful for it. And here’s why … Yesterday, a friend posted on Facebook. She recommended a blog on tips for using social media; exactly what I need right now. The article reinforced my belief that social media is the best way to buildContinue reading “Don’t you just love coincidence?”

Putting Myself Out There …

What now? Well, I can’t just twiddle my thumbs waiting for my NWS report, can I? Time to get planning, I think. Actually, as a newbie writer intent on self-publishing, I’m not ashamed to admit at being more than a little overwhelmed by the whole process. While there’s so much advice available, it’s tricky navigatingContinue reading “Putting Myself Out There …”